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Snapshot of global mobile usage

February 26, 2013

Always love a good representation of data.

Now that my feet are  firmly planted within Nielsen in Australia, you’ll see a bit more of their public data here on my personal blog. Don’t think that it’s because of any corporate patriotism or anything – it’s just because I have easy access  to the info and there’s a lot of interesting content to share!

The two images below come from the Global snapshot of Mobile Consumers. A couple really smart but simple ways to convey device usage across the globe.

In Australia, we remain on par with the world leaders in terms of smartphone penetration, at 65%. Surprisingly, South Korea sits at 67% – surprising to me given that Korea is so far advanced in terms of its technology adoption across mobile commerce and social media.

Global mobile device usage graphic - from Nielsen Research

Global mobile device usage graphic – from Nielsen Research

The second graphic highlights the kinds of applications that people are using when on their smartphone. The US-centric nature of many applications is evidenced in the dark green with American smartphone users leading the way in terms of productivity, navigation, shopping, banking and movie application usage. Australia seems to sit in the middle ground for most types of application usage, but it’s worth noting the high growth potential in use of smartphones for video and movie content.

It’s well documented recently that the price of mobile data in Australia is high and seemingly growing, as Telcos move to reduce the volume of mobile data available to customers, and charging higher rates for excess usage. With only 19% of Australians accessing video content from their mobile devices, the first telco to find a way to minimise the cost of data provision could be on a winner.

Nielsen graphic showing by market, what types applications are regularly used on smartphones

Nielsen graphic showing by market, what types applications are regularly used on smartphones

I also recently spoke with someone who spent some time working with one of the major online movie providers. The battleground in that space, I’m told, is specifically in the provision of on-demand streaming of video content, as opposed to the movie hire business. Once highly touted, high growth enterprises such as Quickflix, Netflix, and the like now face an inability to stream their movies when faced with the infrastructure requirements that only a telco or traditional media provider – or a technology company – can provide.

My tip – either a content provider will find a way to stream video content more effectively and cheaply, OR one of the telcos will find a way to deliver video content across a mobile network cheaply and efficiently. Look for video usage on mobile devices to grow significantly in late 2013 or early 2014.


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