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Experian’s snapshot of online retail in Australia

November 23, 2012



It sometimes feels a bit lazy putting an infographic on this blog, but the fact of the matter is – they’re more visually appealing and usually contain all the salient points (when done well)!

This data comes out of Experian’s report on Retail in Australia which seems to largely tell us that retail is headed for a digital future. Well, thanks for that tremendous insight, but the stats provided are a great snapshot of the Australian market’s current state of play.

It’s amazing that even now, retailers are still saying they lack the tools, technology and know-how to confidently conduct business online. For at least the last two years, I’ve witnessed a plethora of almost free tools, templates, consultants, white papers, documents and more available to every business big and small – I even spent two years with a technology startup building those tools for small businesses and community groups – and they worked!

The old economy are still concerned that so many of the best eCommerce tools are not based in Australia. Heck, Apple and Google (and others) still funnel all their Australian profits away to the cayman islands or somewhere similar, so we shouldn’t be surprised at this. The snapshot confirms why – we’re still at an intermediate stage of development in ecommerce, even as we go through the growing pains of realising that we already need to be planning ahead for mCommerce. When the time comes and consumers are spending their dollars purely through their tablets and other mobile devices, I would expect we’d find the same objections about  lack of knowledge, technology and tools to do mCommerce well.

Finally, the last and most surprising stat shown below involves the apparent lack of data collection by Australian online retailers –  only 61% of online retailers identified that they capture email addresses from their online customers. What a tragic waste of resource to acquire a customer and not maintain a method by which you can retain the customer, or increase their lifetime value to the business. Tragedy! If you’re a digital marketing manager and you’re not establishing these kind of online relationships at the point of acquiring a customer (or earlier, if you can), then you’ve got some serious strategy review to do!

Deliriant Isti Romani – These Romans are Crazy!

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  1. Alex permalink

    Hi John,

    I was looking for the information about online advertising in Australia for my thesis, and suddenly found your blog. Thanks a lot for the information.

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