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Dissent against Apple grows with release of iPhone5

September 21, 2012

So despite having used a Macbook for the last couple of years and yes, I still have an iPad that I love and use daily – I’m loving all the flack that Apple is finally starting to receive for being a little bit too ambitious for its britches, and for forgetting its own roots as it seeks global dominance of the technology market. It was only about 15 years ago, in the late 90s, that Apple was part of the consortium that got the US government to take on Microsoft’s dominance in the market, in the now infamous antitrust case. I recall one of the big issues at the time was that the Internet Explorer web browser couldn’t be removed, and that competing browsers were being shut out of the market.

It’s now 2012 and let me ask you something: how do you change your default browser on your iPad so that it’s not Safari? Try as you might – you can’t. You can download a new browser and use that for manual browsing, but the default for any links etc you click on in emails and so on – will always be Apple’s own Safari.

So we’ve come full circle, and Apple – who admittedly design and build amazing products – have established such dominance that arrogance rules in so many of their decisions. The most prominent right now? This week’s implementation of their decision to try and replace Google Maps in the iPhone5 with a maps version of their own has sparked widespread ridicule, with numerous users posting heavy criticism, descriptions of how to work around the  Apple maps  hard coding in the operating system, and so on. One of my favourite images was this one below, posted by CNet:


There’s many just like it. Now, Given that Apple has a market capitalization of US$655 billion, I’m sure they’ll be able to afford to improve the service, and quickly. But the incident is another warning sign to a dominant global brand that arrogance in product development won’t be tolerated by consumers – and removing consumers’ ability to choose a superior product will only create dissent to an otherwise adored brand.

The other ads I saw this week that made me laugh were the Samsung print and TVC executions lampooning the iPhone5 and the ‘fanboys’ that line up outside Apple stores for days. The print ad was a clever dig at the Apple sales methodology (the genius bar is renowned amongst technology sales professionals and consumers alike), pointing out the lack of new features adopted by the latest release as compared to Samsung’s first effort with the Galaxy S3 (which this blogger owns and uses, by the way). The TV ad was a remake of practically the same ad they produced last year poking fun at the fans who line up for the latest iPhone – without really knowing why. Enjoy!


Deliriant Isti Romani – These Romans are Crazy!

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  1. Just after I published this, someone sent me a link to “The Amazing io6” Tumblr. More fun at Apple’s expense! Here it is:

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