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Mobile app or Mobile website? You decide. [infographic]

August 22, 2012

The guys and gals at MDG Advertising in Florida put together a neat little infographic to answer one of the technology questions that so many marketers and business owners have on their minds, but are never sure how to proceed: do I need a mobile app, or is getting my existing website modified so it’s viewable on mobile devices enough to get by?

With current trends it’s very easy to get caught up in the hype of getting a mobile app made for your business, but far too many developers and business owners have run into the trap that people like myself who have worked in media know all too well about the digital space: just because you build it, consumers will not necessarily come, no matter how good your products & services or customer loyalty may be.

And, as the quality and volume of app development gets better and better, it becomes harder and harder to break through if you’re a business with an app in the marketplace.

I’ve also come across developers before that ave built apps only to have them rejected by the marketplace (insert conspiracy theories about Apple / iTunes here).

There’s no right or wrong answer as to which path you should go down. Be mindful though that creating an app means you have a another consumer channel down which you need to invest time and resource – and if you don’t have enough of either, you’re potentially facing a wasted channel to market. If you own a  retail business dependant on foot traffic for example, You’d want to make sure your website is mobile optimised for sure – it’s well documented that more and more customers are browsing websites and doing price comparisons  and other research while in store, particularly on high involvement purchase decisions. I went out looking at property recently and don’t even take the newspaper anymore for example – all my research is done on my iPad while I’m actually in the property talking to the agent.

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