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The state of ecommerce in Australia

August 21, 2012

OK, to start with I must admit I’m a bit concerned that this infographic calls out Big W and Booktopia as the biggest online retailers in Australia. Clearly, it doesn’t consider eBay to be a form of eCommerce, or any other online marketplace for that reason.

It also identifies catch of the day and Cudo in the top 10 ecommerce retailers, but misses out on the Groupons and Living Socials of the world, which obviously hold strong revenue share in the group buying space.

So let’s ignore the serious likelihood that their calculations of top retailers completely inaccurate or use a very strange definition of what qualifies as ecommerce, and use the data as a quick glance (with a grain of salt) at how people are actually buying goods online.

As eConsultancy points out, Australia for some reason has a more highly fragmented eCommerce market, but we are definitely continuing to spend more and more online – some $33 Billion in 2012, which recent Forrester Research data backs up. For every online consumer in Australia, that equates to a whopping $2,108 in the calendar year 2012. That’s about 4.4% of average disposable income based on 2009-10 Bureau of Stats data.

Travel, music, fashion and technology are still the top 4 categories, which is consistent with other similar forms of research. Interestingly, these categories match well with the top categories  of businesses that people choose to interact with via social media, continuing the case for social commerce in Australia.

While some of the data seems like an offshore, out of context  attempt at getting some attention in the Australian market, it’s nice to see some attention and focus being given to this market to help informed marketing, data and technology decisions.

  1. Hi John,

    Love the blog. Where is your LinkedIn share button?

  2. Thanks for reminding me Tony! It’s there now.

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