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Enabling an entire town with Near Field Communication (NFC)

August 18, 2012

I picked up recently that, a site set up to provide NFC hardware including tags to enterprise and government sectors in Australia, has recently enabled the entire ski resort of Falls Creek, Victoria to be connected via near field communication.

Signage embedded with tags are placed around the town, giving anyone with an NFC enabled phone to access a range of social media, retail coupons and information based downloads for the resort. There’s no video footage or imagery available as yet but what a really exciting development for the proliferation of NFC in Australia.

It won’t likely help the resort much for the current ski season, with only approximately 4-500,000 NFC enabled smartphones in Australia. With the iPhone 5 being released later this year almost certainly being NFC enabled, and the high adoption of the chip by Android manufacturers, next year’s ski season at Falls Creek should be a blast.


According to NFC Wireless, the technology will likely be an enabler for a forecasted $300Bn in global transactions over the next 5 years.


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