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When will mcommerce overtake ecommerce?

August 1, 2012

For some reason I’ve been big on the infographics lately, partly due to information overload and partly due to the life of building a startup.

The guys at Big Commerce have put together this one highlighting the salient points around mobile commerce and where it’s headed in the near future. For a startup that has made a name for itself only recently in the ecommerce space, this data alone might be enough of an indicator as to where they’re headed development wise!

The data tends to indicate that there’s a lot of interest in the potential of mobile wallets (up to 50% in the US market), and Big Commerce’s projections are staggering:

  • US$1 Trillion of global ecommerce revenue by 2014.
  • US$119 Billion of global mobile commerce revenue by 2015.
  • 54% of retail purchases will be made online by 2014.

One Comment
  1. Anthony permalink

    Yeah I see the data and its interesting to note – there is for me still however the fear over data transfer and the ability for payments to be intercepted so to speak or hacked into. There have been countless examples of mobiles storing data it shouldn’t really store and the keystrokes can be replicated.. I still feel old school safe on my PC with the anti-virus

    This is not to say the NFC doesn’t really excite me, and I think retailers really need to embrace technology as it so easy these days to quickly compare prices both online and in nearby shops… I like the visual feel and touch of products and will more often than not go home and research where I can buy that product cheaper

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