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After viewing mobile advertising, 25% of consumers shift to PC to make the purchase

July 31, 2012

Interesting to see from a recent piece of research  that roughly a quarter of people who viewed advertising on their mobile device promptly turned to their PC to view more. Very telling for designers of mobile creative in terms of anticipating the reaction from consumers. It also affects the experience design for mobile commerce developers, who until now have primarily focused purely on payments being processed purely through the mobile device.

While this behaviour might change once mobile payment technologies and applications become more prevalent, it’s an indicator that people are still seeking more information about products and services before they buy straight from their mobile device.

Screen size is also likely to be a key issue (dare I point out the obvious) – I tend to head straight to my laptop when there’s some piece of content that I can’t quite read or load quickly enough on my mobile device. There’s a lot more content that’s readable / accessible on my iPad than there is on my mobile phone, but ultimately, for the most intimate and detailed experience I’m still old school – I head straight to my PC.

The full article from eConsultancy is here:





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