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55% of mobile commerce comes from an iPad

July 19, 2012

Great little infographic from some research done in the UK showing that 40% of mobile traffic and 55% of mobile commerce in that market comes from an ipad. Another 37% of traffic and 29% of mobile commerce comes from – you got it – an iPhone.

Phenomenal stats when you take into consideration that Nokia stills holds significant device market share in Europe, meaning that the devices themselves are what engage users online (most likely).

The final three factoids in the infographic are I think the most impressive in reminding us of the case for mobile commerce:

  1. the volume of mobile commerce in all of 2011 was exceeded by July 9 of 2012.
  2. 2.1 million pounds is the estimated amount of available commissions that were NOT paid to affiliates because they didn’t have the right mobile tracking in place, which is, put another way:
  3. 28 million pounds worth of mobile commerce revenue received by advertisers where they weren’t able to locate someone to pay the affiliate commissions to.

Wow – These romans are crazy!


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