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HealthTap: an app to avoid the doctor’s waiting room?

July 13, 2012

According to the makers of HealthTap, Googel has 1.4 Billion monthly searches on health subjects. Like it or not, we’ve all been there – trying to diagnose that sniffle, muscle pain or dare I say it – that rash – by searching for  the symptoms online.

HealthTap seems to have found a reputable way to get doctors to interact with consumers online in a meaningful way to help diagnose basic issues. There’s arguments for and against this type of thing of course, but in the long run, apps like this that give people a way to stay out of doctor’s waiting rooms – means that when we actually have to go and see our GP, there just might actually be a good chance of getting that appointment, on time.

The makers of HealthTap claim to have more stringent criteria for selecting their participating doctors than the US health system, and all doctors have to be based in the US. It suits the user-pays health system of the Untied States, although its application might be a bit different here in Australia where we still have a functional health care system (although that can be debatable at times, too).

The app facilitates micro-transactions for those who actually want additional, one on one advice from doctors. The freemium version lets you rely on advice available through community forums (ie see what the typical doctor thinks of people with similar symptoms). Not sure if $10 per consultation is the right number (although the average in person consultation in Australia is $50-$60), but is good to see an app that solves a few simple problems in a reliable and easy to use way. Check out the video below for more.


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