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Small business and the next generation: MOBILE

June 8, 2012

There’s so many people trying to help find ways to get small business online. The challenge is finding a way to provide these businesses with a level playing field in terms of the advice, assistance, and resource they need to not only get themselves online in a sustainable way, but to be able to break through the advertising noise and clutter that exists right across digital and social media platforms.

The thing we all seem to have missed is highlighted partly in the infographic below, and it seems so blindingly obvious now, and it comes in the form of…MOBILE.

With such a large proportion of businesses still without a valid web presence, it’s far too late for many of them to even consider programs like Google & MYOB’s ‘Getting Aussie Businesses online’ program, which gives them a basic web 1.0 solution for free, in exchange for having to accept a whole bunch of sales collateral from Google, MYOB and Paypal who leverage the program as an avenue to sell their solutions into those businesses.

The problem is, anyone who’s still building a web 1.0 solution isn’t thinking about mobile yet, so they face getting left even further behind, which the infographic below starts to allude to.

I remember being at an event recently where Nick Leeder, the Australia CEO of Google, reminded us that the top software firms these days (including Google) send product managers straight back to the drawing board if the first thing they pitch for a new concept doesn’t involve their mobile rollout plans.

It’s definitely something to think about for anyone who’s out there giving advice to small businesses on how to get online: How will people interact with your business on mobile?



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