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Social Commerce truths by Moontoast

March 23, 2012

Great little vid by the guys and gals at Moontoast. I noticed these guys a while ago and even posted a link to one of their social commerce infographics at the time. They seem to have a grasp of the reality that using social media platforms to install intrusive tab based ecommerce shopfronts is not the way to go. The recent withdrawal of these shopfronts by big retailers in the US is also evidence of that. The video below describes their views on social commerce (which I agree mostly with) in a simple way.

The only point I differ from them is that Facebook is still a personal space, where people go to interact with friends, family, acquaintances – I don’t go there to interact with business and commerce, and it does feel intrusive when paid advertising start to appear in my newsfeed. Still – somebody’s got to pay Facebook’s bills!

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