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How non-profits are faring in digital

March 23, 2012

Always love a good infographic as you know. This one is based on a piece of research with 44 non-profits in the US who were connecting with their audiences online. There’s quite a lot fo metrics in there but quite telling was the proportion of email subscribers to social engagement.

For every 1,000 email subscribers, these charities and other NFPs has about 100 facebook fans, 30 twitter followers and 12 mobile subscribers.

Additionally, 35% of all revenue raised online came from email messaging, with an open rate of 12% and response rate of .08% on fundraising messages.

As the researchers point out, the data helps to establish a few benchmarks by which other non-profits can review and determine if their digital and social media fundraising efforts are on, above or below par with their peers. With the advent of social commerce, much of this data is likely to become enmeshed in the next couple of years, as social platforms increasingly start to integrate transactional and fundraising capabilities into their sites.

The crew I work with at community engine have managed to put the basics into a beta platform launched earlier this week (more on that later), with donations and fundraising capabilities just around the bend. More on that later, but there’s great data in the infographic below.


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  1. Reblogged this on corporateavenger and commented:
    I guess I’m in an infographic mood tonight!
    I know several friends with non-profits. It will be handy to hang onto this infographic and re-create it after social media has a few more years under its belt!

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