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Identifying the larger social media advertisers in Australia

March 20, 2012

I got the chance to go to a Comscore event a couple of weeks ago – sadly, the invitation didn’t say it was a blatant one way pitch of a new advertising product that had no relevance to me…but I probably got invited because they know I love reading their data so much. Comscore does a great job of finding and disseminating their research data in easy to use ways. One of the slides that really caught my attention was their assessment of the top advertisers on social media sites catering to Australians (ie, Facebook ads displayed to aussies).

Although I’d never seen a Samsung ad come up while using Facebook (I might not have been in the target audience), they were one of the larger advertisers, with Mircosoft, eBay and Virgin Australia following up behind. I thought this was a little surprising, as I’m so used to seeing bank and other financial ads appear on search advertising that I thought it might carry over into social. Not for lack of trying I suppose!

The table below states that these are ‘selected advertisers’ as well, which doesn’t help me understand whether there were other, bigger advertisers or not. It does give me a reasonably good idea though of the volume of ad impressions that some of the bigger brands and industry categories are buying on social media in this country, which is a good start.


The other slide that caught my eye was the visitation numbers for top retail sites in Australia during the month of December. The research didn’t imply eCommerce traffic, but simply the traffic to the website of major retailers (of which some have eCommerce and some don’t). Unsurprisingly, Amazon and Apple sites were a clear 1st and 2nd place, with 4 million+ visitors during December 2011 COles and Woolworths battled tightly for second place, with event ticketing rivals Ticketek and Ticketmaster rounding out the top 6.


I’m always interested in seeing more Australian facts and figures, particularly around the use of social commerce in Australia, social media in Australia, and the advertising and media market in this country. Always happy for you to send me more links, comments, feedback, or great sources of information!

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