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Facebook adds Pinterest style noticeboard

March 8, 2012

Well it didn’t take long, but the Internet’s most famous mimic has reproduced their own version of explosively popular social media site Pinterest. Mark Zuckerberg quietly unveiled the application to his 12 million followers recently by connecting to the app from his own facebook page.

Friendsheet essentially uses the highly popular pinboard visual display by extracting imagery that has been posted within an individual’s social graph. Commentary and interaction is shown underneath each pin, and it’s a really accessible way to view visual content. I’m not sure that I would personally switch over to it however, as my Facebook experience is still about the sum of interactions between myself and my friends. To be honest, it makes me want to unsubscribe from some of the businesses and groups that are appearing on here, so that I see more stuff that is personally interesting to me.

There’s also no beating Pinterest’s visual simplicity, and the fact that it present a highly curated experience with lots of high quality imagery that people adore, as opposed to the Facebook social graph, which will contain every crappy camera phone image that people feel like posting. Maybe you don’t have the problem with your Facebook friends (is it just me?)

Apologies to my friend Cheyne, who is pictured doing some kind of facial mask thing with his girlfriend. Probably not his most masculine Facebook moment, but for a man with a big sense of humour no doubt he’ll have a laugh that I have recorded the moment on this blog!

Interested in what you think – feel free to add comments below, or just go to and check it out for yourself.


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