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Initial learnings from Ebay / Hunch data integration [infographic]

February 9, 2012

Following up on Ebay’s $80M acquisition of in November last year, this infographic was released yesterday with some basic insights coming from initial comparisons of the two data sets. It relise mostly on a form of indexation, to determine specific behaviours that users and non-users of Ebay are more or less likely to do. While indexation doesn’t give you specific opportunities to target (because indexes don’t reveal the size of any opportunity), it does start to paint a picture of the types of people that like using Ebay’s style of marketplace.

The ‘big picture’ that the data shows though is that as the world moves toward true social commerce, the types of people that Ebay has been missing out on are precisely the same people that will most quickly adopt social commerce. They are more likely to be women, not necessarily highly educated, they save money, rely on word of mouth, and prefer to read magazine like People, and Cosmopolitan than The Economist or The New Yorker (massive generalisations, but helpful). They like to shop with friends and not alone, they are bargain hunters and could never be accused of being elitists. They are, in layman’s terms: social creatures, who’s priorities are found in friends, family, and community.

I have high expectations for how Hunch’s data, technology and people will help provide contextual relevance and a genuine social element to the online marketplace. Most important will be the way in which Ebay begins to recommend products to people based on their likes, dislikes, their social graph, and their explicit preferences.

The infographic is below, let me know what you think.


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