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Infographic: Facebook use by brands in Australia

February 9, 2012

Thanks to the folks over at Social Bakers for producing this infographic of social media use in Australia. It’s often hard to find region-specific social media data so it’s good to have. Unfortunately as you can see, their definition of social media is….Facebook and a little bit of Youtube. Hmm. Let’s just think of this as a Facebook interaction infographic and then it makes more sense.

Nothing new with the demography information, and I wasn’t even surprised to see Bubble O Bill ice cream toward the top of the ‘most fans’ list, having seen a case study from them early last year.

Really intersting to see how little interaction those media that have Facebook pages have been able to garner on Facebook.  It may be because they’re protecting their copyrighted content, or maybe media organisations, if they’re anything like the ones I used to work for – are juast no that engaging as they like to think they are.

There’s an interesting metric these guys have used which they’ve called ‘engagement rate’. It looks at the amount of interaction as compared to the number of fans. It shows dedicated mums and bubs are more active on the Huggies nappies page than anywhere else. There’s 26,000 fans there but if you look at the page for yourself – you’ll see a plethora of user generated content and interaction happening.

As f-commerce and other forms of social commerce in Australia become more prevalent, it’d be good to start seeing data around the brand who have social media shopfronts, how they’re using it, and who are the users that are the early adopters of these types of transactions.

Do you see any surprises in the data? What else would you like to see in these types of infographics?



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  1. Aidan permalink

    “Do you see any surprises in the data?” – Yes!

    I’m surprised at the apparent inaccuracy of the fan numbers. Hamish and Andy have over 1.5 million fans on Facebook yet they’re not included where Fifi and Jules are (with a paltry 50k), and what’s NZ Herald doing in that list of Facebook pages in Australia?

    Quicksilver has under 9k Likes from what I can see, and I don’t believe it’s an Australian company any more. Compare this to Coles who have over 100k Likes.

    Anyone in social media is hanging for local data, but an infographic has to be accurate as well as pretty to have any credibility. I applaud the effort, but it looks to me like a way to get sales leads from our local market for a US company. A key offering of theirs is Facebook stats for different countries, which doesn’t inspire me with much confidence.

  2. Aidan permalink

    I mistyped Quiksilver, but I think you get my point.

  3. Hey thanks Aidan – I fail to understand how two of the bigger media / retail brands out there could miss the cut and reckon you’ve probably hit the nail on the head. The power of local knowledge huh? Still – some local info is better than none, I’m always on the lookout for local (but more accurate) data.

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