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Internet habits of the ‘Pre-Family Man’

February 6, 2012

I had the chance to see a number of industry leaders speak at AIMIA’s Future of Digital 2012 presentations last week and I must say, the standout speaker was the new CEO of Ninemsn, Mark Britt.

Much younger and more casual in appearance than the likes of the Australian leadership for Internet giants Yahoo!7, Google, CBS Interactive, and News Digital Media, Britt is a much more refined and confident CEO with a clear, concise and well articulated view of where he sees the digital advertising scene headed. That said, I have no idea what his capabilities as a CEO are – but that he was impressive in a presentation / discussion panel format around the subject matter.

After the sessions I went to check out some of the research NineMSN had posted on its website, and found some good stuff. In addition to the ‘four screens’ research that they had conducted most recently, which describes the user behaviours and emotional connections with each of their four screens (TV, Tablet, Mobile, Desktop), there was a great little document dating back to August last year which looked specifically at building an internet user behavior of the ‘Pre-family man’. The images and stats in this blog are obviously all borrowed from that document.

Fitting squarely into that profile, it was definitely of interest and what I realised is that while so many pieces of market research revolve around other market segments (how many ‘grocery buyer’ and ‘stay at home mums’ research profiles have you seen before?), I felt this was actually relatively new information to me.

The research defined ‘pre-family man’ as aged 21 to 39, and have not yet married or started a family. Having only been married last  year, I feel I’m still kind of attached to that space so let’s see how the research pans out.

Some highlights of the research to me were:

  • 77% of pre-family men are online every day.
  • 93% expected a ‘transitional life event’ (travel, a promotion, starting a new job, buying a car) in the next 12 months.
  • Still positive about their prospects in life, 82% believe they can achieve the goals they have set for themselves;

Video content consumption

The graph below was a great representation of how the audience consumes video content throughout the day; tablet consumption of short form video was significant during morning travel, with total consumptions dropping off during afternoon travel, followed by the expected gains in consumption across all devices during the evenings.

Device ownership

Interesting to see that tablet ownership for the segment was 17% as compared to what I think is something more like 5% nationally. A Pew Internet survey in the United States however suggests that tablet ownership in the US is already close to the 20% mark across the board.

The summary aptly reaffirms that the ‘pre-family man’ is using multiple devices throughout the day for a number of different personal and professional tasks. News, sport and gossip content are high on the agenda.

The main weakness of the report however is the lack of attention paid to social media. I have no doubt that the research would have revealed just how much time and attention this specific audience is paying to their social networks, however understandably NineMSN as an advertising publisher doesn’t get any benefit from that, so no data is shown.

It’d be great to see similar research for this audience that looks closely at their complete Internet usage habits across various media.

You can download the full report from NineMSN’s site by clicking this link:

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