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Google’s new small business campaign

January 30, 2012

Great little campaign launched by Google Australia this week to drive awareness of their apps and other services amongst small business owners in Australia.

It’s a nice follow up to last year’s combined MYOB / Google campaign where anyone with an ABN and a phone number was entitled to a free website, including an ecommerce facility, a google+ social media page and some Google adwords SEM.

What I like about the video is that, much like their previous few attempts, it shows some deeper insights into the life of a small business operator, giving me hope that the engineers at Mountain View are perhaps starting to listen to real people dealing with real issues.

At the 1 minute mark, ‘John’ starts talking about the many different hats he wears while running his business – one moment he’s the foreman, then he’s the cleaner, then he’s the accountant, then he’s the marketing chief. All in a day’s work. It’s a very real insight that I’ve heard and observed over and over and over again from SMEs / SMBs the world over.

While I have been and continue to be very critical of Google’s approach to market at times, I do like the way they’re approaching their campaigns of late. Anyway, check out the vid below and let me know what you think.

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