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Timing your brand’s interaction on social media

January 22, 2012

Here’s a neat infographic posted earlier today by Argyle Social. It shows a bit of data they’ve collected round the timing of B2B social media and B2c social media posts, and how they coincide with the timing of when their audiences are actually engaged online. To me, it once again highlights the importance of Social CRM tools, scheduling applications like Buffer and others, that help you understand when your audiences actually want to hear from you, and therefore when you should actually be trying to talk to them.

In real life it makes for an incredibly awkward conversation with someone at the office if you start telling them what happened on your weekend when they’re actually trying to pack their bags to go home for the day. Real life social listening and experience tells us that – people generally want to hear all about your weekend on Monday mornings, and not at 5.30pm on a Wednesday afternoon. Why should those kins of behaviours be any different in an online environment?

I’d like to start to understand the difference here between social media readiness (when are my customers ready to engage with me), as compared to the social commerce readiness (when are my customers ready to make purchase decisions about my products). I haven’t yet seen data for this as social commerce is still an immature marketplace, but you could reasonably expect that it would take several ongoing interactions before customers are actually in a mindset to make a purchase decision based on their exposure to your brand online.



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