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Small Business and the web: the view from MYOB

October 25, 2011

Nice little video by MYOB’s Business Monitor. Released back in July, it was apparently a year long study concluding in April 2011,  but gives a good combined overview of how SMEs in Australia and New Zealand are approaching the online challenge. The video highlights for me were that only 23% of Aussie SMEs and 20% of NZ small business use email marketing, with similar numbers for search marketing (still).

25% of small businesses surveyed by MYOB still don’t see the benefit of having a website.

  1. Hadn’t seen that one. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Thanks for the share John! The MYOB Business Monitor is actually ongoing industry research that we undertake – it’s perfect for helping us understand Aussie and Kiwi SME’s. 🙂

    While we haven’t done a cool video in awhile – the latest reports are due out this week. You can check then out here:

    MYOB Online Editor

  3. Love your post on social commerce. I recently did an interview with Fracisco Rosales of SocialMouths where he spoke about small businesses using social commerce that you may find interesting

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