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Byron Bay, here we come…

July 2, 2011

Byron Bay aerial view. Image from

So I’ve started a section on this blog to reflect a new chapter that opens for me over the next few months.

Work-wise, the crew at Community Engine are rapidly hurtling towards deploying the pilot for a unique online community in Byron Bay, NSW. We’re really excited about the prospect, and over the next couple of months, I’m going to be living and breathing the Byron Bay community in person, and meeting with as many people, businesses, community groups and social groups as I possibly can.

We selected the Byron Bay community due to its unique community bond, and strong understanding of what we refer to as ‘the human condition’. That is to say – people in Byron Bay still understand that the good life revolves around your passions and interests, and the people you live beside. They still believe that social technology should be an enabler for community and for bringing people together, and not just something that your kids glue their face to every night of the week.

I’m really looking forward to getting to know the Byron Bay community inside and out as we rollout our community platform. It’s unique in that community groups, businesses and individuals will feel comfortable to congregate there and share their interests and passions. Anyone will have the ability to become a ‘community champion’ on the things that matter to them most, whether it’s sport, restaurants, charity, or surf, and to have others find, share and follow those ideals. It’s unlike Facebook, which is about your friends and family, or other online communities which might only be about your sports team, your charity, your local fundraising event, or your chamber of commerce / profession. It’s about being able to participate in all of those things in one environment, where you connect to people you may not know  – but have a shared interest in a great many things. We refer to it as ‘The Third Place’.

I’ve started a Twitter account, @eyeonbyron, where I hope to connect with as many people, businesses and community groups as possible over the coming months, to really understand their needs, and how such a platform will help people, community, and business owners alike. I’ll be regularly in town, as will my colleagues, under the watchful eye of Brandon Saul, our company founder and Byron Bay local himself.

Would love to hear from you if you live in the area, and also to take your suggestions on the people, places, and businesses around the Byron Shire that really make the town tick. Otherwise, I’m sure I’ll see you around town soon!


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  1. I would looooovvvveeeeeee to go to this place!!!Great article.Please check out my surf blog, thanks

    • Thanks – the Surflit blog is looking good too – I’m sure there’ll be plenty of surf news coming out of Byron Bay for you too!

  2. G’day John, sounds interesting. Look forward to finding out more. All the best. Dean

  3. Nice post 🙂

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