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Small business takeup of social media largely due to ease of use and cost effectiveness: eMarketer

June 7, 2011

Always love a good post from eMarketer. You’ll see quite a few of their posts both here on this blog and also on my posterous,

The graph below is taken from a piece of SME research conducted by Pitney Bowes in the United States. It specifically revolved around the reasons and outcomes for small to medium business to engage with their customer via various digital media. Primarily, cost effectiveness (54%) and ease of use (53%) were listed as the top reasons to get involved with social media.


Interestingly, the comfort level and level of knowledge of social media was listed as equal standing with traditional advertising, at 39% and 38% respectively. Amazing at how quickly the average  small business owners has familiarised themselves with the subject mater, which in my mind also demonstrates a clear justification for the opportunity that lies ahead for these operators.

While I have no doubt that mobile marketing will grow over time, I can’t help but wonder at the business opportunity that would be created by the platform that manages to integrate various aspects of email, social media, mobile and other digital channels.

Hmm, I have an idea. Watch this space!

The full article from eMarketer by the way is posted here:


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