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Why I chose an…iPad2!

March 27, 2011

So I did it finally – after months of certifying myself as an Android 3.0 groupie, dedicating myself to the pursuit of the perfect Honeycomb tablet, last week I told my IT department to order me…an iPad2?

Yep, that’s right. I caved. But why for Pete’s sake? The Honeycomb operating system looked so promising, and there were so many tablets to choose from, all with their first versions coming out within just months…but then, again, that’s kind of the problem.

After waking up this morning at 2.30 am for no good reason and then not being able to get back to sleep, I had plenty of time to consider the reasons. Here’s my best attempt:

1) TOO MANY CHOICES! Although I did like the looks and reviews of Motorola’s Xoom, I also had to take into consideration the plethora of other options that presented themselves at Cebit last year. With dozens of various manufacturers and models of Google’s tablet operating system being put to market in 2011, I realised there were simply too many possible choices and configurations, and then again, they were all version 1.0 of each! Which leads me to my next point;

2) Tried and tested. Alright, fair enough – the iPad2 is still a ‘version 1’ of itself, but in effect, it is the evolution of the iPad that Apple launched what seems like eons ago. All of that consumer feedback, research, practical learnings, and I can’t help but feel that the iPad2 represents an evolution not a guinea pig for Android software. And, having been in market for so long, Apple were able to offer one more thing:

3) First to market. You can sit in your living room and compare specifications all you like. The fact is, iPad2 beat all the Android 3.0 tablets to market (here in Australia at least), and having waited for months, I couldn’t see any benefit in waiting for a version 1.0 of any particular manufacturer’s tablet of configuration of Android.

Now, call me an Android traitor if you like – but I’m still a big fan. Our new Marketing Manager at Community Engine is in fact an Android geek (no offence Alex) which is great – I’ll learn a lot more about new developments and won’t feel as surrounded by Macbook boffins either.

You see, I’m just not that early of an adopter of new stuff. I like to see how version 1 goes and learn from the mistakes of early adopters, chiefly because I can’t afford to keep buying new stuff all the time, and also because I don’t seem to get as caught up in every little trick shortcut  that new technology delivers.

All the same – I will love my iPad2 accordingly, and when Android 3.0 is more mature – I’ll be waiting!


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  1. blackwatertown permalink

    Interesting. Apple is still managing to hold it together if it’s drawing people like you. I’ve been feeling like a stuck-in-the-mud recently with my iPhone. I don’t feel so bad now.
    As you say – choice is the problem – either navigate through all the options, or… just get an iPad.

  2. hntech permalink

    I love Apple’s design. I love my Macbook, I love my iphone 4, however, there’s still something missing at the ipad 2: a USB port!

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