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Who pays for social media resource: marketing or technology department?

December 23, 2010

I was reading this piece on the emarketer site today and seeing as I couldn’t post a comment in reply – I’m using my blog to do so!


The article documents some research that shows how marketing managers are finding that time & resource are the greatest barriers getting involved with social media.  While I guess time and resource are always the barriers to something new, what I wanted point out here is that social media is not just a marketing function, and shouldn’t come entirely out of the marketing budget.

When I discuss social media with firms and government organisations, the most effective meetings I have are always those where we get the techno logy chiefs involved at the request of the communications or marketing decision makers.

Why, you ask? Social Media operates via technology, and with the plethora of different networks, platforms, systems and applications available, it’s important that the CTOs and CIOs of an organisations get involved at the early stages. Make no mistake – the communications / marketing / PR function of a business are best placed to manage social media content and communities (although I accept there is still some debate about that), but it is no longer simply a matter of media buying or visual design – the technology we use to create online communities via social media is key!

The faster an organisation realises that social media is a collaboration of technology and communication and find ways to integrate this appropriately within their organisations, the greater the opportunity is for those organisations to succeed in the social business space.

Deliriant isti Romani (These Romans are Crazy!)



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