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Social Media: re-introducing common sense?

December 21, 2010

This blog started a while ago when I was wondering how on earth anything got achieved when human beings do things in the crazy ways that they do. Whether it’s reinforcing an elitist view of the world at the cost of the masses or even an idealist’s need for perfection in everything they do, I come across a lot of decision makers that are more concerned with ideals than practicality. I actually understand why that’s the case – I really do, but sometimes it just seems crazy doesn’t it?

That’s partly why I love working with social media, and helping to show people how open and transparent interaction with audiences bring an element of practicality to everything we do. It introduces that most elusive of all virtues – common sense.

We’ve all seen and read the horror stories about organisations like Nestle and various governments and politicians getting it wrong (the list is endless and you no doubt have your own examples), and there’s even the enlightening experiences like that of Coca Cola and Bubble O Bill ice creams – in both examples, the brand found that their own most passionate fans had already created social media presences that were effectively engaging consumers, and instead of taking those presences over, simply agreed to let the fans run them so long as they followed some basic guidelines. The system still works – check out their Facebook pages if you don’t believe me.

So despite being 50 years after the hippies started chanting about ‘power to the people’, this social media thing seems to really, seriously be empowering people to connect and share their opinions. Now that’s an ideal to work with.

The firm I currently work with is one of those that are now taking this to the next step and actually building hosted social networks for individual firms and government organisations. By bringing the vocal interaction and engagement onto one’s own website, you’re actually inviting people to bring their passion and their opinions directly to you, so you don’t have to hear about it second hand months later – or worse, in the media.

So I guess all I’m saying is – it’s exciting times to be involved with social media; If you’re reading this and you’re not – that’s OK, because you’ll have ample opportunity to get involved with your favourite brands, your local government, your school, you church – whatever is important to you in fact, and you will have the ability to have your voice heard like never before. And you’ll have the chance to connect with other people like never before.

The one thing that doesn’t change?

Deliriant Isti Romani (These Romans are Crazy!)


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