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The most powerful brands on Twitter

October 19, 2010

Someone tell me how Fox News became the ‘most powerful’ brand on Twitter? I haven’t looked at Twittergrader too often but it seems to have a relatively legitimate way of working out which Twitter feeds are more influential than others. I checked out their current listing of the most powerful brands and was really surprised to find Fox News up the top there. Thankfully, BBC and the New York Times came up third and fourth on that list, and well done to them. Not too familiar with G1 from Brazil which came second on the list, so no comment there.

Beyond that, the biggest surprise was not to see more news publishers listed highly on the rankings, nor were there any consumer product based brands (mostly media etc). Where are the Coca-Colas, the McDonald’s, Starbucks, the brands we see everywhere we go in the real world?

Very proud of my beloved NBA for coming 26th on this list with other major sports not even making it into the top 50…yet.

What do you think of the list? Who are the obvious missing entries?


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