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Optus small business thinktank for social media

October 5, 2010

I recently posted about ‘horses for courses’, ie the notion that social media is not relevant for every business.

I quoted some research which I now know was originally compiled by Optus (Singapore based Australian telco), who has published a great small business advisory site called BIZ think tank. Hence – a new blog!

On the social media section of the site, there’s a publicly available document (you have to register with the site as a member to download it) outlining a lot of the research that was done, and I found the two tables included below particularly relevant. Hopefully Optus doesn’t mind me reproducing it here but you can check the site out for yourself using the links above.

The first table demonstrates from the research the various groupings that exist in terms of social media functionality. It’s a nice neat way to tie up all the options available and also to show just how complicated it can be to stay across all of these at once. Hence, the growth of tools and systems that are helping businesses manage and monitor across several or all of these at once. Here’s one Sydney based group I’ve looked at recently that is performing really well – there are dozens if not hundreds by now of course, some better than others.

The second table shows how various market segments gravitate to certain media by nature of the business they conduct (as per my previous blog). Manufacturing businesses, for example have no interest in photo sharing and blogging funnily enough, while retail sectors love video sharing. Hospitality sectors tend to love photo sharing the most – who doesn’t love seeing brilliant colourful photos of restaurant meals and holiday resorts?

Finally, you have the government sector – they are still trying to be all things to all people, playing heavily with just about every social media forum – but to be fair, the government could be segmented further, into areas like tourism, policy, community consultation, welfare services, local vs federal, and so on – which would paint a  different picture altogether. Safe to say, government is focusing hard on how they build their online communities, which is even a big part of their upcoming Gov 2.0 conference in Canberra next month.

Overall, if you’re in the media biz or if you run a small business, it’s actually worth taking a sneak peek at the ‘think tank’ site even if you’re not an Optus customer. I love seeing what big and small businesses are doing to help others get their head around this social media phenomenon. Let me know if you come across others of interest!

Deliriant Isti Romani (These Romans are Crazy!)

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