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A micro business (financial sector) performing well with social media

October 4, 2010

A bit of a plug for a friend’s business here but following on from my previous post, I just wanted to call out a small business in the financial sector that IS leveraging social media really well, with a healthy dose of experimentation and learning along the way.

Money Mechanics is a business based in Canberra, Australia, carrying out financial life planning and all sorts of financial advice for clients – you can tell I’m an expert in the field can’t you…

Now Scott Malcolm – the owner – is doing pretty well with the business, and has a stable and growing base of clients, but it’s effectively just him and 3 others – making him a micro business (refer to my previous blog again to learn more).

On the Money Mechanics site you’ll find connections to their YouTube channel, Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter pages. Not quite what you’d expect for a business of this size. Importantly, you’ll find them promoting their series of ‘money-minutes’ videos on YouTube, along with regular tips and hints similar to what you might find from the big banks and franchised financial planners.

Updates across all platforms are regular and engaging, and even though I am only a potential customer (sorry Scott), I still engage with the brand online and clearly understand the company’s positioning and capabilities.

Importantly, the brand presence actually makes the business seem larger than it really is, with a very professional corporate profile and sound, solid news and tips. Whereas my previous blog spoke about businesses that are not interested in growing via the social media space, Money Mechanics is clearly a business that is growing via this medium and learning quite a lot along the way (last time I looked at the site, he only had 1 employee!)

So kudos to an old pal and to any micro business that is out there experimenting in this space.


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