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Not everyone ‘likes’ Social Media

September 27, 2010

Finding the time to keep up with all the latest developments is tough these days. Not too long ago, in my line of work, the most exciting development coming up in the next few months was the affordable inclusion of colour ink on every page of the newspaper (not that long ago folks), and then not much else happened for the rest of the year. Now, about 10 years later, we find ourselves trying to keep up with hundreds of annual permutations of Google algorithms, a new ‘special offer’ site opening every week, the daily astronomic progression of online games (think Zynga) and geolocation services (Foursquare, Facebook Places, Gowalla, + more!), that it is near impossible to keep up with what’s going on in our own industry.

It’s this pace of change that has opened the floor to just about anyone with a phone and computer to be able to become a self-nominated expert in some form of media communication niche. Such a glut of technological change has not been seen in this space before, with the consequences extending to just about every part of society – I was recently amazed at the Australian Labor Party website redone for the Australian Federal Election in August this year, which has inbuilt social media communities and is one of the most engaging and interactive online political communities I have come across before. Whether you vote for them or not – you’ve got to admit, this is is an engaging way to get people talking about the real issues in the right places.

If you think it’s hard for you to keep up with the pace of change though, spare a thought for the everyday Joe Bloggs who is not immersed in the industry like you and I. I still work with people that have never accessed Facebook, and a Generation Y staff member admitted to me recently that he still refrains from Internet banking because he just doesn’t trust it. The business I work for, for example, still has numerous small business owners as customers that do not yet have an email address, even though they admit they might need to get involved with ‘this Internet thing.’

I think now is the most exciting time to ever be working within media communication, in any form, whether as a content owner, aggregator, or just an observer. It’s important however to pause every now and then and remember that not everyone ‘likes’ Social Media as much as we do. But they don’t know what they’re missing out!

Deliriant Isti Romani – These Romans are Crazy!


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