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Winfrey to telecast from the world famous Sydney ‘Oprah House’

September 14, 2010

So Oprah announced today she’s coming to Australia (and flying her whole audience over with her) to film her show in early December this year. You might say, ‘so what’, but just hours after the announcement more than 1,500 news articles had already been posted via Google news and that’s just starting the party.

Sydney, desperate to come out of the 10 year doldrums of international fanfare since the 2000 Olympics, needed something big to remind people what is great about the place. America being a key audience for us, it made sense to obtain a marketing phenomenon from there to drive visitation and publicity.

Tourism Australia’s efforts of the past few years had fallen on deaf ears and was even flatly rejected in some places (recall the ‘where the bloody hell are you?’ TV campaign?) , but something as simple as getting the world’s most popular TV show host to come to town for a few days could be enormous for Australian Tourism.

And for all those Aussies who wondered why the heck Qantas kept using John Travolta as a brand ambassador, finally we see it leveraged properly on a global scale, with his appearance on set to announce the deal to Oprah’s audience.

From my office window I can see the world famous Sydney Opera House – or ‘Oprah House’ as it is already being called – and just quietly, am looking forward to seeing the city I live in getting some Hollywood style support.

Oprah Winfrey says it’s her ‘last chance to do something really big.’ What a way to go.

Now all Sydney has to do is prepare itself for a new glut of crazy American tourists come December!

From a media perspective, watch this space as we monitor the hype around the visit later this year.

Deliriant Isti Romani – These Romans are Crazy!

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